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Lab Draws

Whether you visit our Orlando location or choose the comfort of your own home, our laboratory services are designed with your convenience and well-being in mind.

In-Office Draws

Our office provides a tranquil environment to get your lab work done.

Experienced phlebotomists perform quick, painless blood draws

Comfortable private rooms with flat screen TVs for relaxation

Free WiFi, bottled water and snacks to make your experience pleasant

Accept all major insurance plans and Medicare/Medicaid

Fast turnaround with access to patient portal the same day

At Home (Mobile) Draws

For those who find it difficult to make it into the office, our mobile nursing team is able to perform lab draws discreetly and safely in the privacy of your own home.

Avoid travel and wait times with our mobile nursing team

Nurses perform discreet, accurate blood collections in your home

Ideal for busy parents or patients unable to visit the office

Enjoy the comfort of your own surroundings during testing

How It Works

Schedule a draw

Contact our office and schedule an appointment.

Get sample collected

You can choose to visit our Orlando office or we'll send out a certified phlebotomist to your home.

Results are ready

Samples sent to our partner lab for rapid analysis and results are reported electronically.

Get Your Lab Draw Stress Free.

Your health and convenience are our priority. Let us customize a testing solution that works best for your lifestyle – whether that’s a visit to our office or a home visit from our talented nurses.