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On-Site Corporate Wellness Services

In today’s fast-paced work environment, taking care of employee health and well-being is critical for business success. Let Driv Therapy be your partner in providing innovative on-site wellness solutions.

Vitamin IV Therapy

When hard work and deadlines are constant, make sure your employees have the nutrients they need to stay at their best. Driv Therapy corporate wellness programs deliver on-site IV therapy that boosts productivity.

Wellness & Flu Shots

Keep your employees at their sharpest all season long with Driv Therapy's wellness shots administered right in your office. Whether it's fatigue, seasonal defense or beauty boosts, we've got your team covered.

Spa Services

In high-pressure workplaces, taking time for renewal is crucial. Invite Driv Therapy to your office to deliver relaxing spa services that recharge minds and reduce stress.

Boost Productivity With On-Site Wellness Shots

Our targeted B-vitamin shots combat midday energy slumps within 30 minutes so focus remains high. Immune defense formulas infused with zinc and vitamin D help stave off colds and flu for fewer sick days.

Administered discretely by our nurses, the shots ensure fast absorption of key ingredients. No downtime is needed post-treatment so work continues uninterrupted.

Boost Morale With On-Site Spa Services

Whether it’s a quick shoulder massage to unwind at lunch or full body Swedish sessions after hours, our licensed massage therapists have a treatment to suit every need. Tension melts away while circulation and endorphins improve.

Contact us to enhance your corporate culture through our spa services. Your team will thank you!

Improve Workflow With IV Drip Therapy

Our customized vitamin “cocktails” are formulated to replenish depleted nutrients like B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and glutathione. Within an hour, mental clarity is sharpened and fatigue melts away and employees feel recharged.

Therapies are administered discreetly by licensed nurses during lunch or after hours. No commutes or scheduling demands on personal time are needed.