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Ingredients: 1 Liter of fluid, Vitamin C, B1, B3, B2, B5 & B6, Minerals, Glutathione, Taurine, Magnesium

Optimize and feel your best. With our ultimate “all in one” IV consisting of vitamin B, Vitamin C, minerals, Aminos, and Glutathione, you’ll feel unstoppable. This drip will optimize your physical performance and neurological functions. In addition, it boosts your immune support, facilitates a detox, and keeps you feeling energized and refreshed.

When to drip? Before and after a long trip, before and after a physically demanding event, before a mentally demanding event (such as a big test), whenever you are feeling fatigued or mentally down, whenever you what to feel your best.

Benefits: Hydration, electrolyte replenishment, immune boost, detox, increased energy levels, increased mental clarity